Camp Deans

Camp Shiloh is pleased to provide excellent leadership for the weeks of camp. We have been blessed with many deans over the years who have a passion to impact young lives for eternity, and the deans have a long history of working with young people.

Meet our deans:

Mr. Jared Mielke – Camp Dean Since 2021

After being a camper at Camp Shiloh, Jared Mielke has served in an assortment of staff positions at Camp Shiloh since 2008. Mielke has worked with young people in a variety of ways. His experience with children and teens includes working in both Public and Christian School environments with ages ranging from Preschool through High school Seniors. He also works with youth and children at First Baptist Church of Milltown, WI. Mielke is looking forward to being the Dean again this year.

Some of the other recent deans have been:

Pastor Bernard Boldt – Junior Camp Dean

Pastor Boldt was a camper in the beginning years of Camp Shiloh, and it has been exciting to have had him be the Junior Camp Dean for nearly 10 years. Pastor Boldt values Christian camping and is excited about the passion of Camp Shiloh to reach young people and help them grow in or begin their relationship and understanding of God. He believes that Christian camping is a great way to invest in the next generation. Bernie, his wife, Nicole, and their five children are an active family that love playing sports and serving together. Pastor Boldt currently serves as Assistant Pastor & Administrator for St. Francis Christian School. Other ministries he has served in include pastoring at Oakland Baptist Church, teaching at Oakland Baptist School, and teaching at Owatonna Christian School.

Pastor Marlon Mielke – Junior and Junior High Camp Dean

Pastor Marlon Mielke was one of the founders of Camp Shiloh. He has served in a variety of positions with the ministry including being a board member as well as being a counselor and Dean of both weeks for several years. Pastor Mielke has greatly promoted Camp Shiloh and believes in the life-long effect that Christian camping can have on young people. He currently serves as Pastor of First Baptist Church of Milltown, WI where he has served since 1998.