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Many campers love Camp Shiloh so much that they come back as staff once they are no longer camper age. Volunteering as staff allows them to continue participating in the highlights of camp (growing spiritually, enjoying games, making friends, and more) while also ministering and investing in the lives of others.

For those desiring to volunteer as counselors, the camp provides qualifications and ideas to help make sure the counselors are best prepared to serve the young people. To maximize the effectiveness of staff at Camp Shiloh, all staff members need to read/watch the information. Many Christian camps have 1-2 weeks of staff training before camp begins. Since our format does not allow for a longer intensive training as a group, it is vital that the staff members take the time to go through the training materials found below.

Guesstimates on time needed to complete the training.

Time to watch the Camp Shiloh 2021 Staff Training Video (32 minutes) – The video will go over some policies and some important guidelines and refresher tips.

Time to read the materials (15-35 minutes)

Time to fill-out the Camp Shiloh Covenant and Application (5-10 minutes)

Time to watch the Video on Abuse (17 minutes)

Time to watch “The Influence of a Teacher” video (3-5 minutes) – This video is optional and is not required, but it is more for inspiration/encouragement.

Video for Staff Training

Worker’s Handbook (This is a goldmine of material to help you be greatly prepared for a great week of ministering and impacting.)

Camp Shiloh Worker’s Handbook

Cabin Meeting Files (1st one is a PDF, and the 2nd is a Word file for easier adapting.)

Even if you don’t print these, please briefly look at them. They are referenced in the staff training video.

Camp Shiloh Mission Statement, Cabin Games, and Counselor Letter

Camp Shiloh Mission Statement, Cabin Games, and Counselor Letter

Welcome to Camp Shiloh Form (also for cabin meetings)

Welcome to Camp Survey

Camp Covenant and Worker’s Application (The application must be signed and returned no later than arriving at camp.)

Camp Shiloh Covenant and Application

Devotional Sharing Resource (1st one is a PDF, and the 2nd is a Word file for easier adapting.) You do not have to use these, but you are free to use any if desired for the evening cabin devotions.

Devotional Sharing Resource

Devotional Sharing Resource

Video on Abuse

In this day and age, it is important to be aware of the sad reality of child abuse and to be informed on how to stop abuse. This video’s information is vital for all camp staff to understand regardless of what position you will serve as a volunteer. The original video was by Church Mutual, but the video was unavailable this year. This is a smaller portion of the same video.

Video on Influence (Optional)

Although this next video is a video from an Australian organization for training Christian Teachers, a lot of the information is important to remember for anyone who works with children. We need to be prepared so that our influence and impact is positive and not harmful for the children. Never underestimate the role model you as a camp staff member are to the campers.

Policy on Photos

An additional item for camp staff to be aware of is how to handle pictures of campers. Therefore, here is Camp Shiloh’s policy on posting pictures.

In upholding the wishes of parents to protect the privacy of their children, Camp Shiloh designates one or more camp photographers. The Dean of each week will approve the photographer(s).

Each approved camp photographer will have a list of which campers cannot be posted to Facebook. Camp staff members are not allowed to post pictures of campers on their private Facebook pages, but they may share pictures from the Camp Shiloh Facebook page because they have been approved by the photographers with the camper’s parental permission. If staff post pictures of campers without parent’s permission, that staff member and/or the camp could face legal problems.

If you have a photo that you would like to have placed on the camp Facebook page, please contact the Camp Photographer or the Dean. They will verify whether or not the camper’s picture can be placed on the internet.

Thank you for your understanding in helping to keep campers safe and to support the desires of their parents.

Checklist of Training Materials to be Completed before You Arrive at Camp: